Mass Device and Medical Design & Outsourcing podcasts:

These are podcasts with Kablooe President, Tom KraMer as a guest speaker on various innovation topics.


Smart Medical Device-1Smart Medical Devices: In this Podcast Tom talks with Chris Newmarker about when it's actually smart to make a device smart, and when it isn't. Ooo, that smarts.



Glowforge smallDesign Engineering, Engineering Design: In this podcast Tom talks with Chris again about how the disciplines of design and engineering work together, or how they are supposed to.





Kablooe U™ Training Webinars

Learn here. Visuals and audio for design and development training on all things innovative.


selfie-smartphone-app-300x200Designing Health for Consumers

Clinical grade and consumer level devices for health and fitness: design and development considerations.




home health careHome Health Care: How the upturn is changing the medical device game.

What does the surge of home healthcare and the and the accountable care act have to do with designing medical devices? Plenty. Tune into this to hear a developers point of view on what is changing, and best practices to approach medical device innovation in this arena.



Smart Medical Device-15 Critical Steps to Design for Reimbursement

Are you confident your medical device will be reimbursed? There are countless factors at play. One factor within your control is design: a strong reimbursement strategy begins with a well informed device design.






Design and Development Educational Topics 

Creativity, innovation, development process, engineering and design. All discussed here


Medical Device-1THE MOST IMPORTANT THING for getting your medical device adopted

All too often however, medical device developers become so enthralled with their technology that they forget to think about the most important thing that leads to device adoption.


WhiteboardUse an Innovation Process That Creates Products that Succeed

There are a lot of ways to develop things, and lots of processes to use. However, 90% of all product development efforts fail. Why?  


engineering innovationHow to lose money with innovation failure

Innovative technology without this main ingredient will fail every time. And failure is not cheap.



Snip20171201_168The Problem with Problem Solving

Problem solving is at the heart of innovation. As product developers, inventors, and engineers our human tendency is to chase what appear to be exciting ideas. However, business dictates that we minimize idea-chasing and maximize real-world problem solving.


index-3How to Jump Start Your New Product Development Project

I have had the privilege of working with literally thousands of entrepreneurs and startup companies over the 26 years that I have been doing product design and development. One of things I have seen as a consistent indicator of a successful finish is the quality of the start.


UntitledWearable Technology and Bananas: 4 Things to Consider for Successful Design

The wearable market is booming. It’s not new. Maybe it just seems more cool now than it used to be.


image-64 Key Insights for Designing Healthcare Wearables

If you have a technology that you integrate into a wearable device design, please do yourself a favor. Before running pell-mell down the road of development that will make your cool new technology a product, consider the following suggestions first.



image-4What Hospitals and Insurers Want From Medical Device Development Teams

We all know our devices need to be purchased, used and reimbursed. As R&D professionals, issues such as insurance coverage, codes, reimbursement, purchasing and payment are not always top of mind.



Potholes-of-Product-Development-300x2005 Hidden Potholes of Medical Product Development

Coming up with a novel idea for a medical device is easy. In fact, coming up with an idea for anything is easy. Everyone does it. The last time you stuck your mouth under a faucet to get a drink, because there was no cup available, you did it.